Why Gambling Always Sucks

casinoWhile there is undeniable appeal to casino-style gambling, at the end of the day it’s still a hobby that can land you in quite a bit of trouble. It’s not just about losing money – that’s an obvious risk, or really an obvious probability, that any gambler embraces like a determined, thrill-seeking future hobo. But no matter where you get your gambling fix, the issues can go well beyond affecting your wallet. Consider the following disaster scenarios the next time you think about putting money on the line in a chance environment.

Gambling Online

Gambling online has become a favourite hobby for people all over the world. But here’s a brief rundown on how it tends to go: you spend months practicing online poker. You get comfortable gambling money online, create an account, and join an Internet poker community. After a while you win a big game and collect a decent sum of money (which still doesn’t equal the amount you’ve put into your clever little hobby). Then, as you’re grinning from ear to ear, the government shuts down the website for illegal, unregulated online gambling and your account and its funds are lost. Then, you realize you could have spent the last few months doing something productive, and you begin to question your priorities. It’s a vicious cycle. Fortunately, this is becoming less common due to increased regulation of legal sites such as Binguez.es, but the possibility for a similar story still exists.

Gambling With Friends

So gambling online doesn’t work out – why not try actually socializing with your real live friends? A game of poker in a friend’s basement with a little money on the line and a few refreshments on hand can certainly be a pleasant evening. But here’s another scenario for you: You win a game of poker and cash in from all of your friends but one. That last friend promises to pay you as soon as he gets his next pay check. You let him get away with it for a few weeks, and by then it’s getting awkward to remind him that he owes you money. Eventually you run out of patience, and there’s an argument about money. The end result? You don’t get paid, your friend is angry, and the next time you play poker in the basement you’re a man short, when you could have just watched a film or some television the first time around.

Gambling At A Casino

This one doesn’t require much explanation if you’ve ever seen a casino film. You go, you gamble, and there are two options: you either win big, are suspected of cheating, and wind up being beaten up in an abandoned parking lot by a security official; or, you lose big, gamble money you don’t have to get out of a hole, can’t pay your debt, and wind up being beaten up in an abandoned parking lot by a security official. But at least you get free drinks while you’re gambling!

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